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Fans campaign for statue to be erected of Billy Connolly in the nude

Fans campaign for statue to be erected of Billy Connolly in the nude

Jul 11 2010 Robert Fairbairn, Sunday Mail

A campaign has been launched calling for a nude statue of Billy Connolly to be erected in Glasgow to mark his 70th birthday.

Pals Tina Cairns and Cylina Boyle appealed for support on the social networking site Facebook and quickly attracted 144 members.

They hope that by the time the Big Yin turns 70 - on November 24, 2012 - the clamour will be so strong the authorities will be forced into action.

The friends, of Knightswood, Glasgow, believe the city's Botanic Gardens would be the ideal venue for the naked statue which would celebrate Billy's famous streak through London's Piccadilly Circus to mark the first million being raised for Comic Relief in 2001.

Mum-of-three Tina, 37, said: "I think a statue is long overdue. The campaign started off as a laugh but the more we thought about it, the more appropriate it became.

"Glasgow should be celebrating one of its most famous sons as he has done a lot to put the city on the map.

"He is a good husband and father and just a funny guy. He is a real role model for the city."

Billy is due to receive the Freedom of the City from Glasgow's Lord Provost next month.

Plans have also been unveiled to immortalise him in a steel sculpture attached to a housing development in Anderston, where he was born.

The £50,000 statue will be suspended 40ft in the air at the gable end of a block of flats overlooking the Clydeside Expressway, close to the shipyards where the Big Yin once worked as a welder.

Housing charity Sanctuary Scotland has commissioned artist Andy Scott to deliver the sculpture next spring.

But Tina and Cylina believe the city should go a step further and erect the naked statue.

Launching the Facebook campaign they wrote: "Don't you think it is about time we had a statue in Glasgow to celebrate one of its most famous sons? "If you close your eyes you could see a lifesize bronze of the Big Yin in his birthday suit gambolling through the flowers in the Botanic Gardens.

"We could have bulbs planted around the statue so that the flowers would bloom practically all year round.

"Billy is 67 and if we start now we could have him unveiling a statue of himself on his 70th birthday. Join the group and pass it on to everyone who has laughed along with him."

Sunday Email reporters@sundaymail.co.uk

Join the Facebook group here.
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