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Billy Connolly named Britain's favourite comic

Billy Connolly named Britain's favourite comic

By Mirror.co.uk 31/03/2010

Billy Connolly (pic: Rex)

Here's proof the old ones are the best - Billy Connolly has been voted Britain's favourite ever comedian.

A poll yesterday revealed people still prefer classic humour such as that of the veteran Scottish funnyman.

And in another snub to the new generation, Victoria Wood is second most-loved followed by the late Tommy Cooper. Modern stand-ups Michael McIntyre and Jimmy Carr were fourth and fifth.

The Ask Jeeves poll of 1,000 adults also revealed more than half of those quizzed think modern comedians swear too much. Spokesman Nadia Kelly said: "From Billy Connolly to Tommy Cooper, the old ones still make us laugh."

Top 10: 1 Billy Connolly 2 Victoria Wood 3 Tommy Cooper 4 Michael McIntyre 5 Lee Evans 6 Jimmy Carr 7 Les Dawson 8 Frank Skinner 9 Jim Davidson 10= Ricky Gervais & Bill Bailey

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