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Big Yin out for a trout

Big Yin out for a trout

BIG Yin Billy Connolly is making his telly return in a one-off documentary about Scots poet Norman McCaig.

Connolly spent several days following in the late writer's footsteps - in search of an elusive trout in the poet's favourite fishing loch.

He is joined in the hunt for McCaig's great trout by fiddler Aly Bain and novelist Andrew Greig.

The Glaswegian comic filmed the BBC4 documentary in May - but was caught in a blizzard while camping 1600ft up a mountain.

He said: "That night made it an ordeal but until then, it was absolutely terrific. I nearly set fire to my sleeping bag, it was that cold."

The film was announced yesterday as part of the BBC4 autumn season, which also features a documentary on Scots painter Peter Howson.

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