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Connolly replaced by ape in ads

Connolly replaced by ape in ads

By JASON MacNeil, QMI Agency

Last Updated: September 29, 2010 3:39pm


If someone says to comedian/actor Billy Connolly that an ape could do his job, he just might believe them.

Connolly had been the spokesman in advertisements for ING Direct in Australia but this week the company went in a different direction.

"They replaced me with an orangutan," Connolly says. "I heard about it today from the first time from a journalist. I'm delighted that they've kept their standards high."

Connolly's manager told him the company switched advertising agencies and with that went "with a clean sweep." But Connolly has no ill will towards the company or his replacement.

"By God I hope he does well," he says laughing. "I hope he learns his lines."

Connolly embarks on an 11-city, cross-Canada tour dubbed The Man Live in early November.

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