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Nearly Yin the Tardis

Nearly Yin the Tardis


Published: 05 Nov 2010

BILLY Connolly has revealed he was gutted when he discovered he'd lost out on the chance to play Dr Who.

The Big Yin was seriously considered by producers for the role of the Time Lord in a TV movie in the mid-1990s.

And the comedy legend, 67, said he'd have LOVED to have landed the keys to the Tardis.

Confirming that he'd been in the running to be the time-travelling doc, Connolly said: "It was brought up in a meeting, apparently.

"But nobody told me until after they had decided against it.

"If I had done it he would have been a much angrier Dr Who.

"I would have loved it. I'd have taken it."

In the end it was actor Paul McGann who took the lead role in the one-off TV movie made in 1996.

Connolly's near-miss was revealed earlier this year by Dr Who historian Alex Westthorp.

He said: "Billy was seriously considered for the eighth Doctor.

"He'd have brought his own unique sense of comedy to the character, and would have made an incredibly special Dr Who. He could easily have taken the role to another level."


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